Hangar Sports Bar

The Hangar Sports Bar & Grill Sports Events and Entertainment Schedule

The Hangar Sports Bar & Grill at the Yuma Landing covers all sports including college and pro football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer.

We’ve got big screen TV’s all around the room and we carry all MLB, NBA, NCAA & NFL packages.

Together with 24 beers on tap, all your favorite well drinks and great appetizers, you can enjoy your favorite game right here. We offer bar seating, booth seating and table seating. Join us to watch your favorite sports, Tuesday Night Trivia, and live music on Friday evenings.


Join us Monday-Thursday, from 3pm-6pm. Get $1 off well drinks, 23 oz. domestic draft beers, wine and appetizers, plus, $3 Margaritas on the Rocks.


Tuesday Nights: Tuesday Trivia at 7pm
Wednesday Nights: Karaoke at 7pm
Friday Nights: Live Entertainment at 7pm

Band & DJ Schedule:

July 14: Big Boss Band
July 21: Tommy Coz
July 28: White Horse

Aug. 4: Big Boss Band
Aug. 18: Big Boss Band

Sept. 1 & 2: Upper Room
Sept. 7-9: DJ Bobby McLendon
Sept. 14-16: DJ Bobby McLendon
Sept. 21-23: DJ Bobby McLendon
Sept. 28-30: D J Bobby McClendon


July 15: New Hampshire 200
July 22: Indianapolis 250
July 29: U.S. Cellular 250

Aug. 6: Watkins Glen International
Aug. 13: Michigan International
Aug. 19: Bristol Championships

Sept. 3: Darlington Speedway
Sept. 9: Richmond International
Sept. 17: Chicagoland Speedway
Sept. 24: New Hampshire Speedway
Oct. 1: Dover International

July 13-16: John Deere Classic
July 20-23: Open Championship
July 27-30: Barbasol Championship

July 11-13: All Star Game
July 14: Diamondbacks vs Braves
July 14: Rockies vs Mets
July 15: Yankees vs Red Sox
July 15: Cubs vs Orioles
July 16: Dodgers vs Marlins
July 16: Nationals vs Reds
July 17: Cardinals vs Mets
July 17: Padres vs Rockies
July 18: Brewers vs Pirates
July 19: Dodgers vs White Sox
July 19: Yankees vs Twins
July 20: Rangers vs Orioles
July 20: Tigers vs Twins
July 21: Cardinals vs Cubs
July 21: Brewers vs Phillies
July 22: Padres vs Giants
July 22: Marlins vs Reds
July 23: Rangers vs Rays
July 23: Blue Jays vs Indians
July 24: White Sox vs Cubs
July 24: Astros vs Phillies
July 25: Reds vs Yankees
July 25: Brewers vs Nationals
July 26: Braves vs Diamondbacks
July 26: Pirates vs Giants
July 27: Angels vs Indians
July 27: Athletics vs Blue Jays
July 28: Reds vs Marlins
July 28: Astros vs Tigers
July 29: Angels vs Blue Jays
July 29: Mets vs Mariners
July 30: Royals vs Red Sox
July 30: Cubs vs Brewers
July 31: Tigers vs Yankees
July 31: Indians vs Red Sox

Aug. 3: Cowboys vs Cardinal
Aug. 9: Texans vs Panthers
Aug. 10: Falcons vs Dolphins
Aug. 10: Redskins vs Ravens
Aug. 10: Broncos vs Bears
Aug. 10: Eagles vs Packers
Aug. 10: Saints vs Browns
Aug. 11: Steelers vs Giants
Aug. 11: 49ers vs Chiefs
Aug. 12: Titans vs Jets
Aug. 12: Cowboys vs Rams
Aug. 12: Raiders vs Cardinals
Aug. 13: Lions vs Colts
Aug. 13: Seahawks vs Chargers
Aug. 17: Bills vs Eagles
Aug. 17: Buccaneers vs Jaguars
Aug. 18: Vikings vs Seahawks
Aug. 19: Panthers vs Titans
Aug. 19: Chiefs vs Bengals
Aug. 19: Colts vs Cowboys
Aug. 19: Packers vs Redskins
Aug. 19: Jets vs Lions
Aug. 19: Patriots vs Texans
Aug. 19: Bears vs Cardinals
Aug. 19: Rams vs Raiders
Aug. 19: Broncos vs 49ers
Aug. 20: Falcons vs Steelers
Aug. 20: Saints vs Chargers
Aug. 12: Giants vs Browns
Aug. 24: Dolphins vs Eagles
Aug. 24: Panthers vs Jaguars
Aug. 25: Patriots vs Lions
Aug. 25: Chiefs vs Seahawks
Aug. 26: Cardinals vs Falcons
Aug. 26: Bills vs Ravens
Aug. 26: Colts vs Steelers
Aug. 26: Browns vs Buccaneers
Aug. 26: Chargers vs Rams
Aug. 26: Raiders vs Cowboys
Aug. 26: Packers vs Broncos
Aug. 27: Bears vs Titans
Aug. 27: Bengals vs Redskins
Aug. 27: 49ers vs Vikings
Aug. 31: Bengals vs Colts
Aug. 31: Eagles vs Jets
Aug. 31: Rams vs Packers
Aug. 31: Lions vs Bills
Aug. 31: Steelers vs Panthers
Aug. 31: Giants vs Patriots
Aug. 31: Ravens vs Saints
Aug. 31: Cowboys vs Texans
Aug. 31: Titans vs Chiefs
Aug. 31: Cardinals vs Broncos
Aug. 31: Seahawks vs Raiders
Aug. 31: Chargers vs 49ers

Sept. 7: Chiefs vs Patriots
Sept. 10: All Sunday Games
Sept. 11: Saints vs Vikings
Sept. 11: Chargers vs Broncos
Sept. 14: Texans vs Bengals
Sept. 17: All Sunday Games
Sept. 18: Lions vs Giants
Sept. 21: Rams vs 49ers
Sept. 24: All Sunday Games
Sept. 25: Cowboys vs Cardinals
Sept. 28: Packers vs Bears